#5 – Technology Integration Tools: iPads

iPad - Technology Integration in MathWith the integration of 20 iPads coming to our math class in October, this probably should have been my first “Tuesday’s Technology Integration Tools” post. This addition to my classroom set of teaching tools is one of many reason why I started blogging, in July. I wanted to reflect on how to effectively implement the iPad as a tool for students to produce and create original content. Since then, it has provided a platform for others to comment and provide me with ideas and feedback on best teaching practices.

If you found this post via my twitter or edmodo requests for professional development ideas for iPad integration, you can skip to the bottom. Thanks!!

10 ways we are using iPads in our math class.

  • Digital Portfolios: students will use the Edublogs platform as a digital portfolio.
  • Standards-Based Capstone Projects: students choose from a list of five project ideas to complete as a summative assessment for each standard.
  • Video Creation: students will regularly use apps such as ScreenChomp, Educreations, ShowMe, and Explain Everything to record math videos.
  • Formative Assessment: students will use MasteryConnect and the BubbleScore app with multiple choice formative assessments. This will completely changes my approach, but provides immediate information for me and the students to see, that will direct our lessons and guided instruction.
  • Generate Interactive Feedback: incorporate “clickers” through the use of Socrative. Or look at other options. There are similar programs that also allow students to back channel questions to you during the class period, as well. Will need to look those up again.
  • File Sharing: Dropbox! Students will turn in files during class or away from school using our class dropbox. With the addition of dropitto.me, there will always be a link they can access to submit assignments. If we were 1:1 with iPads, I would use the Notability app and have students sync all Notebooks to dropbox. You can click here to create a Dropbox account (it is a referral link, so it will give both of us bonus free space).
  • Group Whiteboarding/Presenting: using apps such as whiteboard or groupboard, students can work on the same slate via different iPads. The final products can then be shared with the whole class using the Reflection app (or Apple TV).
  • Peer Tutoring: this is where I started, last year, with my personal iPad. Student assistants in my math class were matched up with students and they worked together on math problems outside the classroom. The apps listed above, in Video Creation, were used for students to show their thinking. These were saved for me to view at later times, as well. This year, I will have my peer tutors creating a weekly video to share with the class.
  • Homework Check-In: students will check-in homework at the beginning of class by scanning the qr code attached to their desk. Read more about that in this post.
  • Math Practice Apps: I will look to implement a few math games and practice apps using iPads during math station rotations. Are the lookout for these; do you have a favorite?

CSD509j Professional Development Training with iPads: effective integration into the classroom.

For those who are coming here from twitter or edmodo, I need your help and input on a professional development session that I have been asked to provide on iPads in the classroom. Of course, anyone else can help too! Please. :)

This is the first time I have ever done something like this. A little scary, but I am excited for the opportunity. It will be an hour session, with 20+ participants each time I present. The following is a list of questions that I have churning in my mind:

  • What are the best iPad apps to demonstrate and provide time for the teachers to briefly play with?
  • What apps should be on a web page for them to look up after the session?
  • What kind of experience would you be seeking, if you were attending an “iPad Integration in the Classroom” session?
  • What are your pros and cons of iPads in the classroom?

I would love to take the ideas and information you provide, and make the iPad session a valuable training. The district is providing time for interest-based professional development, with 20-25 options for teachers to attend. This is a very exciting step in the direction of meaningful and collaborative professional development, in our district!

Here is the title and short description that I have submitted for the session:
Effectively Integrate iPads in Your Classroom

  • Come learn how to use iPads to provide students a setting for original thought and creation of content. Pick up tips on using this tool to increase student engagement in an interactive and skill-based curriculum.

19 thoughts on “#5 – Technology Integration Tools: iPads

  1. Don’t forget the power of the camera on the iPad. Your students can take pictures of math related things in the real world giving them a connection between the classroom knowledge and the current/future lives.

    • Oh yes, how could I forget to mention that. Thanks! Will implement that throughout many different kinds of activities. Notes, problem solving, procedural collages, etc.

      Need to brainstorm activity for teachers to use it with in PD session.

  2. Hi Dan! I think Nearpod is a good tool to make presentations, especially for PD and for classroom use as well ! And you can have all the participants interacting with the content you launch on your presentation. have you looked at it lately? this is their site: http://www.nearpod.com
    I think it will be very useful, good luck!

    • Hi Ray,

      Yes, I have played around with Nearpod. I had even thought about using it as a focal point for the PD presentation, direction for activities, and follow up Q&A. However, with the potential to have more than 30 staff members, not all would be able to connect. Of course, those others could share.

      Will still look at its uses for a wrap-up at the end, as it would be good to introduce them to the program/app, as well.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Hi Dan!
    Are all of your audience math teachers? If asked to present what you are, I would take it all from the view of the student, modeling what the student would do from the beginning of class to the end. My students use styluses to work on the screen; I use ‘Reflection’ as a display tool (allows me or students to transmit to the laptop/desktop wirelessly); in math, I make good use of Wolfram Alpha (or their course assistants); a good ‘game’ is math doodles, but that depends on the level of the students; encourage backchanneling with TodaysMeeting or a twitter hashtag. As for apps, a great display of apps was found at Langwitches Blog, dated 8/7/2012 Entitled “There is more to iPads in the classroom than Apps”. They are organized by schemes like Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy, 21st Century Skills and Literacies.
    Good Luck – really exciting!

  4. Hi Chip,

    Audience members will be from multiple subjects, possibly with many science teachers. Our district is rolling out 1:1 iPads in many science classes, this year.

    Yes, I like the idea of having the presentation built around the model of the student view. Thanks for the reminder on TodaysMeet! Have used it at a conference, but name slipped my mind.

    I need more of those app/blog links; thanks for being the first to provide one. :)


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  6. Hi Dan,
    I am the technology coordinator for a 1-to-1 iPad project in 1 of 4 elementary schools in our school district. These 4 schools are in year 2 of a three year federal grant where every student, teacher and administrator are provided with an iPad 2 for use in the classroom. I have created content-specific iBooks for many curricular areas and will be adding to these iBooks as we move forward. I have found the interactive iBooks to be a very well-directed approach to content in the academic areas. If you are interested in reviewing or downloading any of these electronic digital books, please feel free. I’m happy to share. They seem to be well received so far.
    Also, if you want a specific content iBook, let me know and I’ll put one together for you.
    Also, specific Math apps you may want to look at: Mathboard, Math Pentagon, Tangram, Math Blaster (HyperBlast), Math Kid.

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  8. Information on how to distribute and collect information from the iPads is always helpful. In order for teachers to utilize the full power of the iPads they are going to need to share more than just apps with students.

    You could also focus on ways to use the iPad without apps. Too much reliance on apps will deter creativity.

    Don’t forget to provide information on where teachers can go for further information. Consider setting up a weekly or monthly meeting for teachers to share how they are using the iPads and allow them to learn from one another.

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  10. Dan,

    Slightly off-topic perhaps, but I have a new iPad (just one) for use in my classroom, and what I’d like to be able to do is write on it with a stylus while walking around the room and have the notes, etc. appear on my projector in real time. (I have a macbook which can stay connected to the projector.) I have been looking at apps, but I can’t find one that definitely does this. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Steve,

      From the email that you sent after Brian’s comment, I guess I shouldn’t second vote for Reflection app.

      I have a PC, so I had to wait a little longer for that app, but it works fairly well.

      Last year, I used two different apps to control the SMART Board. AirSketch gives you a blank slate that you can write/draw on and project. You can also load any PDF’s and annotate over them.

      I most frequently used Splashtop Remote Desktop to mirror my laptop onto the iPad. Really it is just a remote for your computer, though, and you can’t project iPad to screen.

      Other than the Reflection app, I was considering Apple TV to project iPad.

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