It’s All About TIME!

This post is the first in a series of four blog prompts coming from the New Blogger Initiation, started here. There were multiple choices on the subject matter to blog about; here is the prompt I chose.

2. Where does the name of your blog originate? Why did you choose that? (Bonus follow up: Why did you decide to blog?)

I started this blog towards the end of July, and wrote a post on some of my intentions with this blog. However, I never fully discussed the name of the blog and how I chose it. The name originates from the title of my second technology grant that I wrote last Spring. A noticeable grant needs a good name to go along with it, so I started brainstorming different acronyms that went along with the theme of the grant I was writing for technology integration tools in our math class. It was my wife, who came up with the final phrase of Technology Integration for Math Engagement, and thus my grant was titled, “The TIME Project”. When I decided to start blogging, it was a logical choice for me to use the same name, as I knew that I would want to discuss and share ideas about math and tech integration throughout my journey this year. I continually test out new tools and iPad apps all the time, but recognize that technology is only a tool/resource for the classroom. Therefore, the integration of technology needs to effectively increase the engagement level of students in a meaningful way, if implemented. Math Tools

Copied from About Me section: “Students need the opportunity to learn through an interactive, skill-based curriculum that provides a dynamic setting for original thought and creation of content. In the 21st century classroom, technology integration encourages students to take ownership of their learning through a manner similar to the digital skills they are acquiring outside of school. The purpose is to provide them with a professional take on the uses of technology in their day-to-day life, and learn to be responsible digital citizens.”

Going for the Bonus Question!!

There are a couple reasons I decided to blog:

  • Following my second year of teaching, I was already eagerly looking forward to my new classes in the Fall. I was continually thinking about new ideas and teaching strategies that I wanted to implement and thought blogging would be a good place to hash these out. (I did eventually slow down for a bit and relax during the first half of July).
  • I started following numerous math blogs in June and was amazed by the great posts that I came across. Plus, the community and feedback on ideas seemed very valuable.
  • Additionally, I had decided to implement student blogs, as digital portfolios, this coming year. So, I recognized the need to lead by example. Providing students the experience to share socially in a professional setting is an important skill for them to develop.

It’s been almost a month since my first post, and I have completely enjoyed the experience and opportunity to reflect. The blog continues to include numerous math tech integration tools, but it has also proved to be a place where I discuss my transition to standards-based grading, next year. This ties in, as I use technology heavily in my assessments of student learning. How did you start blogging? Do you primarily use blogging for professional or personal reasons? I am always on the lookout for additional blogs to add to my reader list, so please share your blog with me. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “It’s All About TIME!

  1. Hi Dan

    Love how they’ve created the new blog initiative to connect educators who blo about Maths. Great idea and getting involved is a good way to connect with each other.

    How did I start blogging? I originally started sharing what I was learning using a range of online tools. Eventually I reached a point where I wanted to reflect on what I was learning — that is when I started my first blog.

    Do you primarily use blogging for professional or personal reasons? Mostly professional 🙂 I miss reflective personal blogging.

    Good luck with the new bloggers initiative!


    • Hi Sue,

      It was fun finding more about your blogging start via twitter and your blog, the other day. Thanks for sharing here, as well!

      I enjoy blogging here for professional reasons, as I develop my ideas for classroom and technology integration. However, I would say it is personal, as well, because of my love for technology. 🙂

      Excited to use Edublogs with our math classes. Thanks for the support!


  2. Hi Dan,
    I started blogging because I needed to give some sort of order to my thoughts. Soon I noticed my thoughts meant something to other teachers, some of them absolutely unknown. That was magical, and since then I’ve inhabited this endless virtual world.
    It’s a great exercise to give your thoughts a second twist when you write them down in a post. But it’s even greater when someone drops a few lines and makes you rethink your ideas.
    I blog for personal reasons and also due to personal reasons I haven’t blogged this year, and I really miss it.
    Good luck with your blog and thanks to you and Sue for pointing me here and making me wish to write my first (I think) 2012 comment.

  3. Hi Gabriela,

    Yes, I agree, the ability to reflect on ideas and strategies even further due to the comments of others is important.

    Glad to have your first 2012 comment. Thanks!

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